What it Means to be a Mom!



Mother’s Day is a special day we can show our mother’s, grandmother’s, mother-in-law’s and any mother figure in our lives how much they mean to us. Especially during these times, it’s even more important to tell these amazing women how much we love them and appreciate everything they do for us. 

Nicole has such a close relationship with her own mother, so we wanted to share their bond and the memories they’ve had over the years. Keep reading to get an inside look into this fabulous mother-daughter duo and what being a mother means to Nicole.

Q1: What was it like to celebrate Mother’s Day when you were little?

A: Because I have such a big family, especially on my mom’s side, we always had huge celebrations for every holiday. Mother’s Day was huge because I have so many aunts. We used to go to my grandparents for breakfast and spend part of the day with all of my cousins and then visit with my other grandparent’s later on. I love how family-oriented we are and I know every Mother’s Day we spend together we’ll make amazing memories. Unfortunately we can’t do our big gatherings this year, but I can’t wait until we’re all back together again.

Q2: We know you’re really close with your mom, so what is your absolute favorite memory with her?

A: One of the best memories I have with my mom is when she took us to Italy for my daughter, Alexa’s 16th birthday. It was such a special 10 days of bonding, just the three of us. We had the most amazing girl time together and I will always cherish it. And then anytime I take a business trip to California or Las Vegas, I would always have my mom accompany me, not only because she has so much knowledge and experience in the business, but also because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company. She always brings a lot of joy into my life, so I really hold all of our memories close to my heart.

Q3: What's something you learned once you became a mother?

A: I think I just learned a whole new kind of love. Being a mother is such an indescribable type of love that I had never experienced before. I love my children unconditionally and would do absolutely anything for them.

Q4: What advice would you have given yourself as a “new mom?”

A: Definitely to learn to have patience because children take a lot of work so you have to dedicate yourself and make a lot of sacrifices along the way. It can be easy to get frustrated when things aren’t going the way you might have thought they would, so I would tell myself to take a step back and breathe when this happened, because everything will always turn out okay in the end. I would also tell myself to enjoy every little moment because it goes by so fast. You have to cherish the bad and the good and everything in between because they grow up so fast, so take everything in while you can.

Q5: How has motherhood inspired your business?

A: Once my son, Matthew was in middle school, I was able to take the time to develop my business into what I had always dreamed of. I could take it to a whole new level because I had a lot more time and energy to focus on it. My kids definitely inspire me every single day to work hard and do what I love and I’m so grateful for that.

Q6: What makes you so thankful for being a mom?

A: Everyday I’m thankful for being a mom, but Mother’s Day is always extra special with the four of us together, especially with Alexa coming home from college. It’s a day where I can really be reminded of why I became a mom in the first place. I’m so proud of my children and what amazing young adults they have become. I wouldn’t trade being their mother for anything in the world.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Nicole’s relationship with her mom and kids and want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful, kind, patient and loving moms out there. We hope everyone has an amazing day and gets to spend quality time with family, whether you’re near or far, in person or over the phone. Family time is so rare these days, so relish every moment while you can. 

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