Harness the Luck of the Irish with Emeralds


Harness the Luck of the Irish with Emeralds

This St. Patrick’s Day we’re taking a look at the ultimate good luck charm of Ireland, the gemstone of May, and the precious stone that holds dear to Nicole’s heart. Ireland is also poetically called “Emerald Isle” named after the stone of love, protection, and luck. Read on for seven more facts about the emerald stone and how Nicole’s love of emeralds began. 

Nicole grew up around emeralds. In the 1960s, her grandfather was one of the major suppliers of Columbian emeralds to the jewelry industry worldwide— she was awestruck by his emerald collection. To this day, the emerald is her favorite precious stone.

Emeralds are one of the most recognized and breathtaking precious gemstones in the world—and the birthstone for the month of May. The brilliant green stone is also the traditional gift of the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries. 

Here are seven fascinating facts about the emerald:

  1. It’s rarer than you think! As history’s most ancient treasure, the emerald is 20 times rarer than the diamond—and often commands a higher price. 
  1. Flaws are desirable. Unlike the diamond, where clarity is an essential factor in determining its value, all emeralds have inclusions—and that’s a good thing! If you come across a flawless emerald, start asking questions. (It’s probably synthetically made.)
  1. Speaking of imperfections… The emerald gets its brilliant green color from its impurities. Without low concentrations of chromium, vanadium or a combination of both, you’re left with nothing more than a colorless mineral.
  1. Emeralds are a fan fave of the rich and famous. Turn on any red-carpet event and you’ll see today’s hottest fashion icons sporting the brilliant green stone, from Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Miranda Lambert. (Grammy’s, anyone?) And this phenomenon is nothing new; Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth II and French Duchess Marie Thérèse were all said to have had their own love affairs with the emerald.
  1. Emeralds offer deep spiritual meaning. A symbol of wisdom, tranquility, harmony, abundance and love, the emerald is thought by many to open the heart chakra and offer a sense of connection with nature, growth and regeneration. They are also said to improve memory and boost intelligence. (Yes, please!)
  1. Today’s emerald was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. It all began deep within the mountains when two rare elements came together at very high heat, under extremely high pressure, then engaged in a slow (very slow) cooling process. It’s no wonder the emerald is in such demand; it’s been millions of years in the making!
  1. A genuine emerald does not sparkle under light. Want to know if your emerald is the real deal? Unlike the diamond, if you hold your emerald under a light source, it should not display a rainbow of flashes. Instead, you want it to shine with a dull fire.

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