What's New at NicoleHD Jewelry?: New Everyday Jewelry Pieces That Are Trending for Fall

A new season means it's time for new accessories, and NicoleHD Jewelry has the pieces you need. Here are our favorite jewelry pieces that are trending for fall.
As we say farewell to another summer, we are so excited to be in the swing of fall and fall trends. The leaves are changing, sweater weather is near, and it's time to incorporate the fall 2022 jewelry trends into your wardrobe.
Although it's important to have timeless jewelry pieces, it's also fun to partake in new trends. Not sure what the trends this season will be? We’ll help keep you on the cutting edge while making sure you stay your timeless self. Keep reading to learn how you should accessorize your fall outfits!

Fall Jewelry Trends

As the temperatures begin to cool and pumpkin spice is back in season, fall trends are here. This season’s jewelry trends are all about being big and bold.
Bracelets are highly underrated when it comes to styling or accessorizing an outfit. This fall, big, chunky bracelets are appearing on fall runways. Not just one big bracelet, but multiple bracelets styled and stacked on top of each other.
The bigger and bolder the bracelets, the better. Try our Squared-Off Link Bracelet for a bold take on fall fashion that is timeless and won’t pass with the autumn trends. Diamonds are also taking center stage this season. Chandelier-style earrings and necklaces are leading the way. Get ahead of the trend with our Long Bezel Diamond Earrings. The perfect accessory to really jump into the look of fall ‘22. Circular silhouettes are also leading the way this season. Rounded earrings or circular charms are the perfect starting point for jumping ahead of this trend. Here are more trends from Vogue to keep an eye on this season.

How to Style Fall Jewelry

If you love big and bold jewelry, it may be easy to style this season's pieces. However, if you're not used to this style of jewelry but want to try something new, we can help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your new statement pieces.
The most important tip when it comes to styling jewelry is to rock one statement piece as the focal point. Your other pieces should complement the statement piece without talking away from it.
For example, if you choose to wear a bold necklace like our Diamond By The Yard Two Drop Lariat Necklace, that should be the center of your outfit. Keep your earrings, rings, and bracelets minimal to best complement your statement necklace. If you don't have any bold statement jewelry in your current collection, make a statement from what you have. Since layers are all the rage this fall, try layering multiple small bracelets to give the illusion of a big statement piece.

Make Your Jewelry the Focus

Don't be afraid to put jewelry at the forefront of your outfit. Since fall clothing tends to be more muted colors and simple patterns, this is the perfect opportunity to style your jewelry in a new way. Pair a bold necklace with a turtleneck, or wear chunky bracelets with long sleeves. Make your jewelry the center of your outfit instead of just accessorizing with it. Or, if you prefer, use jewelry to make a color or pattern in your outfit stand out.
The best part about staying up-to-date on jewelry and fashion trends is that you may find a new style of jewelry that you love. Don't be afraid to take risks and try something new!

Invest in Good-Quality Jewelry

It is important to invest in good-quality jewelry. This way, your pieces will last from season to season. Timeless styles, including gold chains and bangles, remain on-trend all year round.. It’s worth spending a little extra for a piece that will last you years to come, not just the fall months. Have a piece you don’t know how to style to match this season’s trends? Here are some foundational tips to stick to when styling jewelry—no matter the seasons.

New Arrival Jewelry Pieces at NicoleHD Jewelry

New jewelry styles are our favorite part of the changing seasons. NicoleHD Jewelry has must-have new arrivals you need this season. Inspired by runway trends, our new arrivals will take your look to the next level. Since diamonds are all the rage this fall, check out our earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that feature gorgeous and real 14k diamonds. Our Double Diamond Cuff Huggie Earrings, with their circular silhouette and black and white diamonds, align perfectly with the bold trends this season.
If you're loving the fringe or chandelier style that's popular this fall, try a chandelier-style necklace or drop earrings. This Pear Moonstone Bezel Diamond Necklace is a gorgeous piece that can be worn as a statement or incorporated as a complementary piece. Add pops of color to brighten your fall outfits with colorful gemstones and enameled metals. These can easily make a simple fall outfit pop. Our Gold Multi Shape Color Stone Bangle and Enamel Scattered Diamond Huggies will definitely do the trick!
We have many beautiful new arrivals that are on-trend, if not ahead of the trends, for fall 2022.  We pride ourselves on quality everyday fine jewelry pieces you can wear everyday, and for many seasons to come. The best part? We design our pieces with the perfect balance of trendy yet timeless, so you can style them anywhere, any season.

Fall Finds That Will Last

We are loving these new fall jewelry trends. From bold statement pieces to circular silhouettes to diamonds galore, this season is all about being bold. Jumping on these trends will have you feeling fierce and confident before you know it. Bring runway styles to your wardrobe with NicoleHD Jewelry new arrivals collection.

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