What Makes Everyday Jewelry?


What Makes Everyday Jewelry?

It's time to upgrade your accessories. Whether it's a necklace, earrings, rings, or a bracelet, if you are wearing something every day, shouldn't it be high-quality? Are you ready to invest in everyday jewelry pieces? Keep scrolling to learn more about what makes everyday jewelry and some suggestions for creating an everyday jewelry collection that you love.


Your everyday jewelry should be comfortable, considering you're planning to wear it every day. This means necklaces shouldn't be too heavy, and earrings should be comfortable enough to wear when you’re laying down. More so, the jewelry you wear every day should almost feel like you're wearing nothing at all. If it seems like you’re missing something whenever you take your jewelry off, you’ve found the perfect everyday jewelry.


The jewelry you wear every day serves as a base for the rest of your accessories.
Think of your everyday jewelry as your first layer. Some days you can rock a minimalist look. Others, you can layer up necklaces and stack your rings and bracelets. Your everyday jewelry becomes every outfit’s staple piece. It’s your first layer that gives you consistency between all your outfits. For your everyday jewelry, choose quality, subtle pieces that will go with your style because a little sparkle goes a long way. These pieces will become your signature look.


Of course, since you will be wearing these pieces every day, they need to be high quality. We have all had cheap jewelry turn our skin green. Some cheaper pieces even begin to rust or change color over time. This is why your everyday jewelry should be an investment. By investing in high-quality metals and gemstones, your everyday pieces will stay looking new and fresh even years after you purchase them.


The durability of your jewelry goes hand in hand with the quality. Pieces made entirely of gold are much more durable than pieces with a gold plating. Some stones, no matter how expensive or rare they are, are more prone to damage than others. For this reason, be thoughtful about the gemstones you plan to wear every day. A gemstone's durability is measured by Moh's scale of hardness. The Scale of hardness ranges from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest), with Talc being the softest and Diamond being the hardest. The softer the stone, the more it is prone to scratches and other damage. Diamonds make for great everyday gemstones since they can endure the toughest of elements. This is why a majority of people choose diamonds for their wedding rings. You have an active life to live, and your jewelry should be able to withstand it.

Examples of Everyday Jewelry

No matter what your fashion sense is or how hectic your lifestyle is, there is an everyday jewelry piece for you. Some people choose to only wear one ring every day, while others have a whole set of earrings, rings, and a necklace that never leaves their body. Here are a few standard, everyday pieces to help you get an idea of the right jewelry for you.


Anyone who wears earrings should have a pair of studs and a pair of hoops.
For your staple pair of studs, you need something that is the perfect balance between your personal style and everyday comfort. They should be your go-to for your normal day-to-day outfits.

Check out these pearl studs. These studs are a unique take on the standard pearl stud earring. They're classic enough to wear every day, while still having the extra flair of the diamond X. 

While big hoops are trendy, they aren't practical for everyday wear. Instead, add a pair of small, simple hoops to your jewelry collection. These diamond huggie hoops are the perfect staple to your rotation of earrings. If you prefer something a little smaller, check out these mini hoops. These hoops are extremely versatile. For those with multiple ear piercings, you can have these in your first lobe piercing with a small stud in your second, or you can have a statement earring in your first and sport these in your second.


If you are new to everyday jewelry, rings might be the place to start. They are a great finishing touch to an outfit and make any manicure look amazing. For your everyday rings, it's especially important to choose durable metals and gemstones, to stand up to the rigors of everyday life. To start out your ring collection, try a simple band. This mini diamond bar ring comes in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, making it a perfect starting piece. If you are looking to add to your everyday rings, maybe it's time to get a ring with a little personality. This could be your gemstone or a ring with a little character. Check out this cute butterfly ring that adds personality, while still being timeless.


A little arm candy goes a long way. For bracelets, you have two options: bangles and chains. Bangles like our diamond cuffs are great for pairing with a watch or other bangles, or just to wear on their own. Chains are another great everyday jewelry choice. Chains can be worn on their own, layered or you can add additional charms to them.


Once you start wearing an everyday necklace, you never go back. Simple, short necklaces add the finishing touch to your outfit, like your own fashion signature. Your everyday necklace should lend itself to layering. This simple necklace makes for a great everyday piece. This diamond curved bar necklace is beautiful enough to wear on its own, and you can easily layer a few more chains on top of it. You can also opt for a simple chain to wear every day. If you want something slightly bolder, you can add a charm or two to the chain.

Treat Yourself to New Everyday Jewelry

It's time for you to level up your jewelry game. Stop wasting your money on cheap jewelry that only lasts you a few months. Invest in quality pieces that you can wear every day. Now that you know the criteria for practical, everyday jewelry, it's time for the fun part: shopping for your everyday jewelry pieces!

Check out our selection of high-quality jewelry today. Our pieces can be worn on their own every day or layered for a more elaborate look for special occasions.

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