Summer Sparkle: Jewelry Trends for Summer 2022


Jewelry is a form of self-expression and empowerment. Women want to find jewelry that represents their individuality while staying up to date with the latest jewelry trends. Summer 2022 is your time to shine. What are the biggest Summer 2022 jewelry trends? From bold statement pieces to 90s comeback trends, here is everything you need to know for accessorizing on-trend this season.

Summer 2022 Jewelry Trends

Summer 2022 jewelry trends are all about being big and bold. With the weather warming up and fashion looks leaning toward a simpler, barely-there aesthetic, this is your opportunity to let your accessories take center stage. There is no competing with winter coats and sweaters. It’s all about the bling. This summer’s trends are leaning into bright colors and statement pieces with a hint of nostalgia and ode to past decades’ favorites. Here are the summer jewelry trends that are heating up!

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings, as the name implies, are about making a statement with eye-catching colors and designs. Set the stage with dramatic drops and long cascades. Large hoops and colored stone earrings also command the spotlight.
Amp up the wow factor with plenty of shimmering bling. Diamonds or crystals sparkle in the sun and catch the light from every angle. Our Diamond Heart Threader Earrings are an ode to the 90s while still being modern and trend-setting.

Signet Rings

Bringing this classic piece to the forefront of modern trends, signet rings are all the talk this season. Signet rings traditionally feature a single initial or emblem. They can be styled on any finger but are most commonly worn on the pinky. Although signet rings were once only worn by men, the style has recently become widely popular as women's statement rings. So get ahead of the trend this season! Our Initial Signet Pinky Ring is the perfect summer accessory. Style this iconic ring along or with other pieces like the Gold Heart Signet Ring or Gold Starburst Signet Ring in your collection for a more curated look.

Chunky Gold Chains

A basic chunky gold chain is essential in the modern woman's jewelry box. Wear it alone or with a bold charm to add a personal touch. Created a layered look with chains of different styles and lengths. Our Squared-Off Chain Link Necklace pairs perfectly with sandals and a sundress.

Classic Pearls

Pearls bring a timeless elegance to whatever piece they adorn. A pearl's natural beauty complements any outfit. This summer, the classic pearl favors mixed textures and modern designs, like our Diamond X Pearl Earrings.
Every woman needs at least one pearl jewelry piece in her collection. It's a versatile accessory perfect for dressing up for date night or for just laying poolside.

Bright Colors

This summer is about being bold, so try adding bright pops of color. Rainbow colors are very on-trend this season. From necklaces to rings to earrings, play around with mixing and matching more whimsical pieces and summery color combos.

We just announced our brand new‎ Color Pop Collection which features the hottest trend of the summer, enamel. Browse our two-tone rings or enamel huggies for that extra pop of color.

Our Rainbow Huggie Hoop Earrings is the perfect accessory to help you live colorfully this summer. These huggies are a summer jewelry must. Check out our Pink Sapphire Heart Necklace. It is right in line with the summer’s trend. The 90-esque necklace with a pop of pink is simple, chic and can stand on its own. It’s no candy necklace, but we’d argue it’s even better. Have a necklace you already love and wear everyday? Just add a bold and colorful charm to keep it trendy.

Statement Chokers

It’s the summer of chokers. This eclectic 90s jewelry trend is making a comeback this season but with a modern twist. Chain chokers are a versatile staple for the summer. NicoleHD Jewelry’s Mini 14k Gold Paper Clip Chain Necklace is a great starting point. Layer a choker with another necklace or chain that hangs slightly lower than the choker to create a delicate layered effect. Or wear it alone for a sophisticated vibe. A decorative chain pairs well with any outfit, from summer barbecues to summer weddings.

Thick Cuffs

Following the bold jewelry trend this summer, don’t be surprised to see thick cuffs and wide bangles. These bracelet styles are getting all the attention this season.
Of course, with most of this season's current jewelry trends, it's the more the merrier. So don't be afraid to stack your bracelets to create an eye-catching look.

This Season’s Hottest Trends

Summer 2022 is all about expressing yourself and embracing your individuality. Be bold and shine bright! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new trends. Find ways to style your current collection in a way that is on-trend and bold. Let your jewelry speak for itself. Easily pair a statement necklace with a white t-shirt and jean shorts or a pair of pearl earrings with a casual sundress. Accessorizing will give your look an instant summer refresh.

Shop the entire NicoleHD Jewelry for pieces that speak to this season's hottest trends. Yes, summer is about sunshine, but it’s about sparkle too!

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