New Year's Eve: What Should I Wear?


New Year's Eve: What Should I Wear?

Heading to a classy New Year's party? You need to look your best. Here's how to pick the perfect jewelry for a New Year's Eve bash.
It might seem like New Year's Eve is far away, but it's coming faster than you think. Do you already have your look ready for your big New Year’s Eve bash? How will you ring in the new year? If you're still trying to figure out your party wardrobe, we are here to help! Between diamond bracelets, festive earrings, and even the right holiday necklace, we've curated style guides for a variety of New Year's Eve party aesthetics. Read on to learn more.

For a Simple Look

Not everyone goes all-out when it comes to their holiday party looks. There's nothing wrong with going for a simple style that's both lovely and understated. When it comes to pulling off this look, we suggest going with a monochrome aesthetic. A simple white, black, or red dress is perfect for a small party. If you're not dress-inclined, consider a monochrome jumpsuit for a look that's both fashionable and subtle. 
When it comes to pairing jewelry with this look, we love simple diamond and pearl studs. They're stylish, but don’t take attention away from your entire outfit. You could also opt for large statement earrings like our Diamond Teardrop Hoops if you're willing to take it up a notch. Necklaces should be minimalist. A thin chain with some simple charms will take your outfit to the next level without making it too flashy. You can also add a few bracelets to bring the look together.
Remember, when you choose a simple outfit, you can go for a bolder jewelry style. You could even choose a unique piece like an earring cuff chain.

Going Glam

So what if you want to wear an outfit that's anything but understated? Many people use New Year's Eve as an opportunity to go all out with their outfits. From glittery fringe to bedazzled dresses, they want to make sure that you ring in the new year looking fabulous. After you have your perfect dress and shoes, you need to consider your jewelry. There's no such thing as going overboard here.
First, pick a ring that shines. If you don't already have a wedding band or engagement ring, this is the perfect time to adorn all of your fingers with rings that you can mix and match. Remember, it's best to use a single statement ring alongside a variety of simpler rings. Depending on the cut of your neckline, your ideal necklaces will vary. For low necklines, consider choosing one long necklace or a variety of similar necklaces that you can layer. For mid-height necklines, we love simple chokersFinish off your look with some hanging earrings and arrive at your party in style. 

Rose Gold Everything

There's nothing wrong with mixing metals in 2021 (and the upcoming 2022), but many people prefer to stick to a single tone. Rose gold has been trending for the past few years, and with good reason. It suits a wide variety of skin tones and it's great for warming up a winter look. When it comes to rose gold, you have plenty of options. We suggest starting your look with a champagne-colored or rose-gold dress and heels. If that feels like too much, a white or black dress will also go well with rose gold accessories. Sticking with a single metal tone makes it easy to create a cohesive look without going overboard. You don't need extravagant jewelry for it to pop. Start with a simple rose gold bangle bracelet. Pair it with some hanging earrings and a choker with rose gold accents.

Frosty Winter Looks

So what if rose gold isn't your style? If your outfit is emulating the frosty weather outside, you still have options. We suggest going all-out with a sparkly silver or white dress. If you can, find silver shoes and get a shiny manicure. Then, move on to your jewelry. White gold and silver are easy to find, so the possibilities are endless. To match the colder weather, take advantage of flashy diamond pieces. What's icier than a diamond? This bar dagger necklace resembles frosty icicles, making it a great addition to any winter-themed outfit. Because this is a statement piece, it's best to pair it with a simple pair of diamond studs and a diamond band. 

Corporate-Friendly Attire

So what if your workplace New Year's Eve party requires a "work-friendly" look? While you won't be able to have as much fun with your fashion, there are still ways to upgrade even the most boring of pantsuits. When you're wearing a corporate outfit, you should stick with a single statement piece and a few accessory pieces. A flashy moon charm makes a great statement piece for any corporate outfit. It's eye-catching without being "too much" for the average work ensemble. Pair it with some casual studs and a plain gold bangle for a look that is put together and professional.

Sparkle During Your New Year's Eve Parties

You deserve to sparkle and shine this New Year’s Eve. Pair all of your favorite party outfits with a few pieces of jewelry to create a look that's entirely your own.
Are you looking for a new jewelry piece to ring in the new year? At NicoleHD, we have a wide variety of elegant pieces for every occasion. Visit our shop to find the perfect piece for your next party. 

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