New Year, Better Me: Looking Toward Sparklier Days


New Year, Better Me: Looking Toward Sparklier Days

We couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to 2020 and are already so excited to see what 2021 has in store.

Nicole's motto for the new year is "Bless it, bless it" which is something we all need to start saying. In times when we are struggling, saying this phrase and patting your heart will remind you to give yourself and others compassion always. 

Another phrase we want to encourage for the new year is “New Year, Better Me” as we enter this season of growth and renewal. Instead of the standard, "New Year, New Me," which implies changing who we are, we want to elevate ourselves with things that bring us happiness, strength and confidence.

To uplift and inspire all of our NicoleHD customers to be their best selves, we are releasing our newest collection called, “Hope,” that is all about good vibrations and positive energy. If you know Nicole, you know that she loves curating special pieces that carry significant meaning not only to her, but to her clients as well. The Hope Collection features gold and diamond pieces that hold powerful messages of spirituality, because we want you to not only look beautiful, but feel emboldened to take on this year with everything you’ve got. When wearing our “Hope” jewelry, you will be a better you.

For January’s collection, we decided to feature symbols that truly signify what “hope” means to us.   


Of course, we had to include some pieces of Nicole’s favorite symbol in this collection, the whimsical butterfly. Wearing this stunning Large Gold Butterfly Scattered Diamond Charm on your heart will guide you on the path of transformation in the new year. 

The symbol of metamorphosis, a butterfly, first born as a caterpillar, goes through many stages before it reaches its full potential. Putting on our Large Diamond Pave Butterfly Ring will remind you that you too are on your own positive journey to be your greatest self, and that you must embrace the changes that happen along the way.


Evil Eye

As we all know, 2020 was filled with a lot of bad, and at NicoleHD we want to start this new year on a positive note. Wearing an evil eye on your wrist with our Evil Eye Diamond And Sapphire Chain Bracelet is the perfect way to do so. The evil eye is meant to ward off bad luck or dark energy, protecting you from any negativity that is going to halt your progress to becoming a better you.

Not only is this such a meaningful emblem to wear, it also looks so stunning with any look. With a gorgeous pop of blue from the sapphire stones, the evil eye brings an edge to whatever gold and diamond jewelry you are wearing. You need this Large Evil Eye Diamond And Sapphire Charm in your life to spice up the contents on your jewelry box for 2021. 



Many of you are probably looking for a way to rejuvenate and add some zest to your life this January, which is why we are adding the snake symbol to our Hope Collection. The snake represents healing, rebirth and a transformation from low energy to higher and better vibrations to restore a calm state of mind. We don’t know about you guys, but that sounds exactly what we need right about now!! The Diamond Snake Ring is the perfect addition to this collection because every time you look down at your finger, you will think of this optimistic sentiment.  


We love our snakes not only because of what they stand for, but because of how beautiful and vibrant they look. With their emerald eyes, these beauties are striking and sure to bring about compliments whenever you wear them. Our Diamond Snake Huggie Earring is a one-of-a-kind statement that brings an unrivaled fierceness. You will be feeling so confident and powerful as soon as you put these on, that you will be ready to conquer whatever comes your way. 2021 doesn’t even know what it has coming!!! 


Happy New Year everyone!!! Thank you for all your support as always. Our team is sending you lots of love for this season to come.

Shop our new Hope Collection to make your days a little bit happier and to help you shine like the bright light you are!!! 

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