How to Style Your Jewelry for Winter


How to Style Your Jewelry for Winter

Fine jewelry is timeless, but the way you wear it will often vary from one season to the next. Here's how to style your jewelry for winter.
As winter rolls in, you're layering more and more which brings its unique challenges when choosing jewelry. How do you make sure your winter jewelry can be seen? How do you curate looks? How do you reflect your favorite aspects of the holiday season?
We have all the answers to these questions and more. Here are all the trends you should be aware of as you start choosing your jewelry looks for the winter.

Layer Necklaces

During the winter months, warmth comes first, fashion comes second when it comes to clothes. Those big, chunky sweaters are cute but they can swallow up your usual dainty necklaces. People might not notice that you're wearing jewelry at all. 
Our easy solution: choose layering pieces. Choose necklaces of different lengths so that you can wear a few of them at the same time. The different lengths add dimension and make a statement. If you're worried about your layering abilities, one of the best types of jewelry for winter is a pre-layered necklace. Look for necklace chains that can be wrapped multiple times or have multiple necklaces attached to a single clasp. 

Bright Silver and Sparkly Details

Finding cute jewelry for the winter means reflecting your surroundings and the aesthetic of the season. When we think of winter, we think of bright, sparkly snow and luxurious Christmas gifts. You can emulate this in the jewelry that you wear. We recommend the brightest, shiniest silver or white gold for your metal choices. There's a reason that people with "winter coloring" look best in those kinds of metals. 
You can also take the winter season as an opportunity to really bring on the sparkle. Choose gemstones and diamonds with many facets so they really catch the light. Don't worry about going overboard, diamonds and sparkles are perfect for holiday season festivities. If you really want to go for it, may we suggest our Diamond Curved Bar Necklace

Rings with Victorian Influences

Did you know that most of our Christmas traditions come from the Victorian era? Think of carolers, turkey, Christmas trees, and Christmas cookies. We owe all of these to the Victorian era. You can extend that traditional Christmas flair to your jewelry as well. Choose rings or necklaces with Victorian influences. This will also help solve that chunky sweater problem we mentioned earlier because necklaces within this design tradition are often bold and extravagant. They won't get lost among your cable knit. Look for necklaces with a velvet ribbon, ivory or gemstone pendants, and ornate detailing. Try our Equestrian Diamond and Gold Ring to pull off this look with a modern twist. 

One Single Ring

During the summer, the trending jewelry of 2021 was small stacked rings, but that isn't the best choice for winter. You want to choose rings that reflect something a little more luxe and are appropriate for the winter months. Try wearing one single, bold ring. Choose something in a jewel tone to match your winter wardrobe and let the stone be big enough to really steal attention. Our Gold and Pear Shape Diamond Signet Ring or Scattered Star Diamond Ring might be the perfect statement rings for the season. 

Wide Cuff Bracelets

Winter is the time of long sleeves, chunky sweaters, and tons of layering. What works on your wrist in the warmer months may not be the best choice for colder ones. It’s time to go bolder, bigger, and brighter. You want to choose pieces that don’t get lost among your layers, like our Diamond Pave Double Oval Link Bracelet. This is one beautiful bracelet that will always draw attention anytime you wear it. 
Winter is a wonderful time to wear a festive charm bracelet. Try charms that reflect the holidays, like Christmas trees, stars, and snowflakes. We have amazing charms to choose from. The possibilities are endless!

Earrings Rule Winter Months

Let's face it. For a lot of the winter, you're pretty covered up. There's a good chance that a lot of your jewelry won't even be visible under your scarves, coats and sweaters. Make sure that you always have on the one piece of jewelry that's hard to hide.


It's rare that your ears are totally covered even if you're wearing a hat, so earrings are arguably the best accessory for the winter. We recommend switching out your dangly summer earrings for a pair of sparkly studs this season. We love all our dangly earrings, but let’s face it, they aren’t always the most practical during scarf and hat season! That doesn’t mean your earrings can’t make a statement in winter though, just take a look at our Diamond Bezel Triangle Earrings! They’ll get all the attention that your summer earrings do without getting caught in your clothes. 

Winter Jewelry That Truly Shines

It’s important to choose winter jewelry that compliments your outfit while remaining practical. Choose bulkier and showier pieces to balance out your heavier clothing. Keep in mind, the more sparkle the merrier! And don't forget to keep things festive with holiday charms! If you feel like you need some new pieces for the cold months ahead, check out our Winter Lookbook for some ideas.

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