6 Tips for Choosing Meaningful Wedding Day Jewelry


6 Tips for Choosing Meaningful Wedding Day Jewelry 

Are you getting ready for your big day? Your wedding day is going to be one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life. You’ve probably already said yes to the dress, so now it's time to start planning your accessories!
There's so much to do and plan for your wedding—such as choosing your wedding theme, cake, and vendors—that you may be missing something important: your wedding day jewelry.
Not sure what to wear? No problem, we're here to help. Keep reading for our top tips for picking the right wedding day jewelry.

1. Consider Your Outfit

The color scheme isn't the only thing that you have to consider in regards to your clothing. If you're dressing up for your wedding, you should take that into consideration before you start buying your jewelry. What's the style of your wedding dress (if you're wearing one)? This will determine what types of jewelry will work well for your special day. For example, if you're wearing a dress with a high neck, you might want to skip the necklace and opt for a pair of statement earrings. If you have a dress with a deep v-neck, consider super long chains or layering necklaces to fill up some of that empty space. This will turn your jewelry into a focal point.
You may also want to consider bracelets and earrings and how they might add or take away from your look. If your dress has long sleeves, bracelets may get in the way instead of elevating the outfit. If your hair is down, you may want to pick subtle earrings instead of hanging earrings to prevent them from getting tangled. When it comes to rings, people have differing opinions. You can wear rings on your non-ring fingers, but many people prefer to keep their fingers bare so the wedding and engagement rings can steal the show.

2. Mixing Metals: Yes or No?

Do you like the look of mixing metals? This is going to have to factor into your decision, especially because you may be using jewelry that contrasts with the color of the most important piece: your wedding ring. In the past, mixing metal was considered a tacky fashion faux pas. Nowadays, though, fashion rules are flexible, and it's far more acceptable to mix metals everywhere. You can mix platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold without worrying about someone thinking that it's an inappropriate look. That said, you don't have to mix metals. In a perfect world, your engagement and wedding rings are already in your favorite metal color. If this is the case, using that same metal throughout your outfit can create a cohesive and sophisticated look.

3. Matching The Bridal Party

So you're already thinking about your own jewelry, but what about the jewelry for the rest of your party? You're not responsible for providing everyone with new pieces for your special day, but you could. It doesn't hurt to talk to your bridal party about their own preferences and what looks good on each of them. You don't have to match exactly. Even picking one cohesive metal tone or jewelry style can make a huge difference.

4. Choosing High-Quality Pieces

If you only plan on wearing your jewelry for one day, it's tempting to stick to costume jewelry or jewelry from fast fashion shops. While this isn't a problem, it may limit you. Fast fashion jewelry pieces won't look as nice and they will probably tarnish quickly. This may be a problem if you are planning to pass down your wedding jewelry to your future children or others in your family. Higher-quality, timeless jewelry, even if it's casual, is great because it lasts longer than costume jewelry. When choosing jewelry for your wedding, remember you're choosing jewelry that will be a part of forever memories. Your wedding day jewelry, like your dress and venue, will be in all of your photos and memories for years to come. Make it count.

5. Consider Overall Wearability

How wearable do you want or need your wedding jewelry to be? Wearability breaks down into two parts. First, if you plan on wearing your jewelry through the entire ceremony and reception, you might want to pick a piece that won't get in the way or become uncomfortable when you're moving around. You don't want any unfortunate mishaps while you're on the dance floor! If you plan on using your jewelry after your wedding, make sure that it fits into your everyday jewelry style and clothing style. This will make it easy to wear your wedding day jewelry when styling it with work clothes or casual wear.

Choose the Right Wedding Day Jewelry

Your wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life. Make sure that you have the right wedding day jewelry to complement your outfit and represent your special day. Remember: know the color scheme, your favorite tone of metal, and overall wearability that you're looking for. If you use these tips, you'll find your perfect pieces in no time. If you're looking for fine jewelry for your special day and beyond, check out our selection and find your new favorite accessory today.

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